Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Opinions Review at 3 p.m. [Inoreader digest]

Opinions Review at 3 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Aug 22 2023

Opinions Review at 3 p.m. EST Daily
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Howie Carr: It's not easy being a bagman, just ask Hunter Biden
It's not easy being a bagman — just ask R. Hunter Biden. On the plus side, it beats working. Collecting...
Howie Carr – Boston Herald 1h
Trump yearns to govern a mafia state. Fitting that he faces racketeering charges...
The perfected mafia state uses ostensibly legal procedures and insider loyalty to protect corrupt autocrats...
Comment is free | The Guardian 3h
#MyOpinion #FBI: This is the clue: #JimKallstrom saw himself as the #FBIDirector....
PostSee new TweetsConversationMichael Novakhov@mikenov#FBI: This is the clue: #JimKallstrom saw himself...
The News And Times 5h
The Hawai'i fires are a dire omen of the climate crisis's cost to Pacific peoples...
As temperatures rise across Oceania, droughts are becoming more extreme and strong winds drive catastrophic...
Comment is free | The Guardian 8h
The Lines Between Red and Blue America Are Blurring, Not Hardening
Americans, from Kansas to the Bay Area, have far more in common than our politicians would have us believe.
Opinion 9h
What Bama Rush Reveals About the South
Bama Rush is like royal watching through Mason-jar-tinted glasses.
Opinion 9h
A Fun Film About a Topic That Scares Me a Lot
With A.I. and a six-core processor, my avatar learns a back flip.
Opinion 9h
When Great Power Conflict and Climate Action Collide
Jason Bordoff and Meghan O'Sullivan map out how decarbonization will transform the world economy and...
Opinion 9h
Nikita Diakur tried to do a backflip, and injured himself. With A.I. and a six-core processor, his avatar...
Opinion 9h
Countdown With Keith Olbermann, S2E18: Lock Him Up: Trump Already Broke His Bail...
S2E18 of the Countdown podcast is up. Omny.FM link (which also links to his previous podcasts)...
Proginoskes 13h
The 2024 Republican Primary Debate: 11 Voters Discuss
The group discusses the Republican primary field in advance of the first 2024 G.O.P. debate.
Opinion 13h
Charles McGonigal and the October Surprise 2016 - GS
Charles McGonigal and the October Surprise 2016 About 89,500 results (0.30 seconds) Search Results The...
The News And Times 20h
Link - Kallstrom of FBI incorrectly concluded that TWA Flight 800 disaster was not...
Kallstrom of FBI incorrectly concluded that TWA Flight 800 disaster was not a terrorism - Google SearchThe...
The News And Times 23h
The Great Wheat Price Surge That Sputtered
Prices spiked after Russia invaded Ukraine, but only briefly, and economists are still debating why.
Opinion 23h
Link - RUSSIA and THE WEST - РОССИЯ и ЗАПАД: Russia's Lunar Lander Crashes Into the...
RUSSIA and THE WEST - РОССИЯ и ЗАПАД: Russia's Lunar Lander Crashes Into the Moon - Selected Articles...
The News And Times 1d

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