Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Opinions Review at 3 p.m. [Inoreader digest]

Opinions Review at 3 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Sep 13 2023

Opinions Review at 3 p.m. EST Daily
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Kevin McCarthy's Impeachment Gambit: 'A Dubious Mission in Search of a Crime'
Reaction to the speaker's announcement of an inquiry into President Biden. Also: Children and freedom;...
Opinion 1h
Information about the presence of 3,000 "Wagners" in Armenia for the purpose of a...
Russian MFA: Information about presence of 3,000 'Wagners' in Armenia is mythposted at 09:26:26 UTC via AzeriTimesInformation...
The News And Times 3h
The Cavalcante manhunt stirred up unsettling ideas about dangerous migrants | Sabrina...
My neighbors' social media posts about the Brazilian-born fugitive cited the need for a US border wall...
Comment is free | The Guardian 4h
No One Wants to Be a Teacher Anymore. Can You Blame Them?
We're in a 'moment of really acute crisis' for the profession.
Opinion 6h
What Republicans are doing to Wisconsin is a warning sign to all Americans | Andrew...
The state's so gerrymandered that Republicans can lose the popular vote and win supermajorities. Now...
Comment is free | The Guardian 6h
6:10 AM 9/13/2023 - Azerbaijan lets aid into majority-Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh –...
Armenian Anarchist Group Rises in Besieged Artsakhposted at 10:02:50 UTC via theatlasnews.coWhat You...
The News And Times 8h
Democrats need to realize that there is no alternative to Biden – and buck up | Sidney...
Spooked by Trump's shadow, Democrats react with disapproval of Biden, whose numbers are stagnant. They...
Comment is free | The Guardian 9h
A Hidden Reason Cities Fall Apart
The loss of civic and corporate elites played a huge role in the erosion of urban life.
Opinion 9h
Biden, Trump and the 2024 Field of Nightmares
What a harsh truth from baseball says about Biden and Trump.
Opinion 9h
Goodbye Summer: Photographs and Poetry on Love and Loss
A visual meditation on loss and finding comfort in the natural world.
Opinion 9h
The C.D.C. Director on Why You Should Get the Latest Covid Booster
Here's why the latest booster is recommended for more Americans.
Opinion 9h
Can Samantha Power Win the Battle for Ukraine's Future?
A country's postwar success would be a rebuke to the idea that the free world is in terminal decline.
Opinion 9h
Questions About Key Players in Trump's Plan to Overturn the 2020 Election
Norman Eisen answers questions about the key players in Trump's election scheme.
Opinion 9h
Naomi Klein Explores Her Own and Your Doppelgänger
Our doubles show us parts of ourselves we can least bear to see, at a slight angle, and through a warped...
Opinion 9h
Rosh Hashana Can Change Your Life (Even if You're Not Jewish)
The holiday has an important lesson for everyone.
Opinion 9h
Countdown With Keith Olbermann, S2E33: Trump's DOJ Says McCarthy's Impeachment Inquiry...
S2E33 of the Countdown podcast is up at iHeart Radio. S2E33 on Omny.FM (which also links to his...
Proginoskes 13h
Howie Carr: Adult-type bills onerous, to Democrats
Another day, another "existential crisis" facing the planet. Have you noticed these existential crises...
Howie Carr – Boston Herald 19h

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