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Opinions Review at 3 p.m. [Inoreader digest]

Opinions Review at 3 p.m.

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Opinions Review at 3 p.m. EST Daily
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The Guardian view on Europe's politics: volatile and drifting rightwards
New research exposes the growing influence of the radical right on more mainstream forces. A counteroffensive...
Comment is free | The Guardian 1h
The Guardian view on Derna's flood tragedy: Libya's leaders have enjoyed impunity...
The catastrophe stands for the wider crimes and failures of those in power. The people have had enoughTo...
Comment is free | The Guardian 1h
Rupert Murdoch's reign at Fox News is over. But the damage he did may last forever...
The media tycoon wreaked untold havoc on American democracy and beyondIn a chilling scene at the end...
Comment is free | The Guardian 1h
Worries About Climate Change Should Spur Us to Action
Responses to articles about America's energy policies and "eco-anxiety." Also: Kevin McCarthy's snub...
Opinion 2h
September 21, 2023 - Recent Audio Posts – Saved Web Pages
 Links - The News And TimesLinks - The News And Times - Michael Novakhov's favorite...
The News And Times 2h
Tesla is the next biggest union target in the United States. Sorry, Elon Musk | Hamilton...
The carmaker is now US labor's most important target. If Musk doesn't like that, he's welcome to settle...
Comment is free | The Guardian 4h
Even the Most Repressive Regime Can't Stamp Out Independent Thought
In China, underground historians work under the shadow of the Communist Party.
Opinion 5h
A 9/11 Widow's Plea to Biden Over a U.S.-Saudi Treaty
A powerful message to the president as the U.S. considers a mutual defense treaty with Saudi Arabia,...
Opinion 5h
Biden's UN speech barely mentioned Russia and China. That's no coincidence | Rajan...
Biden was pitching global cooperation to developing nations long suspicious of the US-dominated world...
Comment is free | The Guardian 8h
The Borking of Joe Biden
The impeachment inquiry is just the latest twisted Republican abuse of Democratic precedent.
Opinion 9h
Why More Countries Are Adopting Feminist Foreign Policies
More countries are prioritizing women's rights and representation, but the movement's future is far from...
Opinion 9h
Why Do Conservatives Attack Abortion and Trans Rights in the Same Ways?
Trans people are under attack in America.
Opinion 9h
College Sports Is Broken. Here's What Must Come Next.
The N.C.A.A. is denying the obvious. It's time for member schools to act.
Opinion 9h
The Era of Prestige TV Is Ending. We're Going to Miss It When It's Gone.
The 2023 Emmys were meant to be a celebration of television's best. Instead, they'll serve as a funeral...
Opinion 9h
Countdown With Keith Olbermann, S2E40: Trump Panics Over Gag Order And Going To Prison
S2E40 of the Countdown podcast is up at iHeart Radio. S2E40 on Omny.FM (which also links to his...
Proginoskes 12h
PEPFAR Turned the Tide of AIDS and It's Now at Risk
In 2003, President Bush started PEPFAR to fight AIDS. But after saving 25 million lives, its future is...
Opinion 19h
Young Voters Are Frustrated. They're Staying Engaged 'Out of Sheer Self-Defense.'
It's a sad state of affairs that our current political system starves young people of hope and optimism.
Opinion 19h
BREAKING: Azerbaijani forces just killed 8 Russian soldiers in Karabakh
BREAKING: Azerbaijani forces just killed 8 Russian soldiers in Karabakh—...
The News And Times 22h
China And The South Caucasus: Investment and Trade Dynamics - Selected Articles -...
Michael Novakhov's favorite articles on InoreaderChina And The South Caucasus: Investment and Trade Dynamicsposted...
The News And Times 22h
When Being Good Is Just a Matter of Being Lucky
The concept of "moral luck" challenges assumptions about how to assess blame.
Opinion 23h

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